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Land Survey Prices

Some surveyors feel it is unprofessional to list your survey prices on the internet. I feel it is more professional to have a price list to stand by then to have people think your making up prices as you go.

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What you need to know about lot stakeouts

Calling a surveyor and telling him you need your lot staked will get your lot staked, but it might not get you what you want.

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What to look for in a house location survey.

If you start shopping around for a land surveyor to do your house location (mortgage) survey and your first criteria is cost/price, you may be making a mistake.

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Have you ever Wonder About Townhouses

You ever wonder about townhouse survey prices. I have some ideas, for full blog.

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Welcome to Nova Surveyors Blog

Welcome to Nova Surveyors Blog!!

Please come back soon.... when we figure out what we want to Blog about!

Meanwhile....enjoy the suspense.


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