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Land Survey Prices

Some surveyors feel it is unprofessional to list your prices on the internet.    I find this odd since on most phone calls I receive, the first thing people ask me is how much the survey is going to cost.    Now .. how odd is that.    Apparently some surveyors think it is professional to tell people your prices when they call, but not professional to actually list them down where someone can actually look them up.

I on the other hand feel differently.   If someone has a price list, I know where they are coming from and feel their is something in writing I can hold them to.  If they do not have a price list, you never know if they are charging you the same as they do everyone else.  

Often, people call me and ask me about my services and sometimes I have to tell them it costs extra to have a lot staked or it costs more to survey larger lots.  When in turn, they question these price increases above the base survey price, the answer is always the same... my prices are the same as listed on the internet.   This statement often makes the customer feel more at ease and less like I am inventing price increases up to pad my pockets.

To me having a price list that you are willing to stand by and support sounds very professional.   Not having a price list on the other hand
might leave the consumer wondering about the prices and whether they are the same for everyone.

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