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What you need to know about lot stakeouts

Calling a surveyor and telling him you need your lot staked will get your lot staked, but it might not get you what you want.

I.E.  This has happened before

A client calls a survey office and orders his lot staked. He is quoted a price of $350.
Two days later a survey crew comes out and stakes the property corners.
As the survey crew is getting ready to leave, the client informs them that although the property corners are staked, he can not see between them because of the trees, hills etc and he wants to know where the property line is at the side of his house so he can build a fence.
The survey crew informs the client that setting points along the property line is extra and that they are busy that day and have another appointment to keep and that he should call the office to schedule a time to set the points along the property line.
The client calls the surveyor to schedule the extra points and is informed that there is a minimum fee of $250 per appointment and that points along the property line can be set at a price of $50 each.

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