Order Process

How it works

#1   Submit your request for a quote  in any one of the following formats.

            A.  Call us directly at 703-688-4038
            B.  Use the Contact US page.
            C.  Use the Request Quote page.
            D.  Send us an email at info@nova-Surveys.com.
            E.  Send us a fax at 703-649-6038

#2  Receive your quote and send us authorization to proceed.

           A.  Either verbal authorization on the phone
           B.  or an email/fax telling us to proceed.

#3  Schedule the Survey
            For most jobs, the field work can be scheduled within two days of your order.
            If the job is a rush job, we will do our best to accommodate  you.
            Almost all  land survey work does not require the homeowner to be present, as we do not go inside the house.
            All we need is access to the yard and the gates unlocked.   But, if you wish to be present while the survey is done
            we can schedule a time to meet you.

#4  Receive Optional PDF 
           One day after the field work is done, the plat will be drafted.  If you have given us your email address, a PDF copy
          of the plat will be sent to you at around 9 pm the day after the field work is completed.

#5  Plats are mailed out

          Two days after the field work is completed, your plats will be placed in the mail at 6 a.m., early in the morning.

#6  Plats and invoice arrive in mail
          Usually, three days after the field work is done, you will receive your survey package in the mail.
          The survey package typically includes:
                            5 paper copies of your plat
                            1 laminated copy of your plat
                            An invoice (the bill)
                            And a pre-addressed return envelope to mail your payment in.

#7  Mail in Payment (check)
                     Currently, we only accept checks. (no credit cards or paypal).

Typical Order Process

Monday            --- the order is called in .... the field work is scheduled for Wed
Wednesday        --- the survey crew does the field work at your house/lot.
Thursday         --- we finish drafting your plat and send you a PDF copy at 9 pm
Friday               --- your survey package is dropped of at the post office at 6 am (early morning)
Saturday          --- you receive your survey package in the mail.

Rush survey orders are possible depending on our current workload.
For a rush survey order, you could order your survey on Monday, and we could have the PDF emailed out to you by
Tuesday evening or you could drop by Tuesday afternoon an pick up your finished plat.