Privacy & Security

Dear Clients... Your satisfaction with our products and services is our TOP priority and we would go an extra mile to assure that. We are a dynamic company and do realize that without our loyal clients and referrals we wouldn't exist, so we are always open for suggestions and would do our best to accommodate your requests.

Our Payment and Privacy policies are as follows:


We do not process ANY payment internally on our website and do not store ANY payment information about our clients. We are accepting either Check or PayPal payments only. At the end of the Checkout you would be forwarded to the official PayPal site for the payment processing. It would be up to you to decide whether you would like to use your existing account with PayPal, to create a new one or to submit the payment without registration at all.
We will consider other payment options in the near future.


Nova Surveys is taking your privacy very seriously. This site was built with your safety and information security in mind and offers a worry-free  experience.

Nova Surveys requires only the personal information, which is absolutely necessary to communicate with you and to provide you with a smooth surveying experience. This information would be used for shipping/delivery of survey plats as well. As it has been mentioned above, we will not ask, collect or store any financial information about our clients. We do not grant an access, give or rent out any personal information to any third party organizations.

All of the information collected at the registration is being stored in the secure database that is stored in the high-end remote data center at the secured server farm in Southern USA.

If  you would like to remove your registration completely from our website, please contact us and we will perform that for you within 24 hours. We are constantly seeking for ways to improve our website and services, therefore we would appreciate a quick update about the reason for that request.

If you have any concerns about the privacy policy, please contact us and we would be happy to address those as soon as it is humanly possible.